Questions & AnswersAttachment Disorders

Please note: Dr. Litton only works with adults. She does not work with children with attachment disorders.

  • What's the definition of an attachment disorder?
  • What's the best treatment for an attachment disorder?
  • I've been acused of deliberately pushing people away. Is that a symptom of an attachment disorder?
  • I like to spend a lot of time alone. Does that mean I have an attachment disorder?
  • I'm a highly successful professional and have always been very competent and fulfilled in my work. However, in my personal life, my relationships seem superficial and/or don't last long. I never really felt I needed a relationship but I'm beginning to see a pattern and it makes me wonder if I'm deluding myself.
  • My boyfriend seems "clingy". He doesn't want me out of his sight and I end up feeling suffocated. What's wrong?
  • I feel uneasy and anxious when I can't talk to my partner fairly often or if I think she's mad at me. I'm afraid I'm driving her away, but the panic I feel without her is overwhelming at times.