Questions & AnswersAbuse Issues

  • What are the different kinds of abuse?
  • My boyfriend is always criticizing me and putting me down. I always just thought he was right but I'm beginning to wonder. Can this kind of thing be abuse?
  • Isn't arguing and having an occasional disagreement or fight a normal part of a relationship?
  • I don't have memories of being abused and yet I have all the symptoms. Is it possible that I was abused when I was a child?
  • My partner and I can get absolutely livid with each another and yet in our calmer moments, neither of us wants to be abusive. How do you deal with intense rage in a way that's not harmful or abusive?
  • There was no violence in our home when I was growing up but lots of neglect. What effect does that have on a child?
  • Is hypnosis effective in the treatment of childhood abuse?
  • I've had people tell me that I have to remember everything from my childhood and "relive" the abuse before I can be free of it. Is that true?